“How much does it cost?”
(Every business owner’s most dreaded question!)

Love, Business Owner is an exclusive collection of 300+ business scripts, written & developed by Ash Ambirge, CEO of the award-winning creative writing agency & blog, The Middle Finger Project, forthcoming author, and online personality known for her irreverent voice. From setting boundaries with clients, to raising your rates, to figuring out what the heck to say to that prospect over the phone, Love, Business Owner was designed to give you the language to make you sound like a pro—even if it’s your first day on the job.


300+ Scripts

It’s THE bible for business language—and knowing exactly what to say to close the deal, ask for more money, set boundaries around your time, and do business like a pro.

Instant Download

Packaged into a beautifully designed downloadable PDF book (321 pages), you can quickly find any script you’re looking for with an easy-to-use clickable table of contents for gorgeous navigation.

Two Versions of Each Script

With the ability to choose from a traditional version or personality-filled version of each script, you can mix and match the language to sound like yourself—and not like you were using a script. 🙂

Don’t Just Say You’re the Boss. BE ONE.

When you speak with power, you get respected. And respected people are those who effortlessly get the gig, artfully make the money, and have better hair than you (probably). Everything you say (or don’t say) makes a statement about who you are, how much you should be paid, and whether you’re worth it.

Make sure you’re making the right statements.

Script Collections

Collection #1: Friends & Family Negativity

Useful for handling situations when starting a business and everyone wants to give you their (unwanted) opinion. Like how you should be grateful to have a job, and what about your 401K?! We’ll teach you how to handle these dream zappers with grace…without feeling bad one bit. (We wanted to include this collection because it can be lonely on this side! And when you feel like no one gets it, you’re that much more likely to throw in the towel. But FYI? We don’t approve of towel throwing around here. Not even your sweaty gym towel. So pick that thing up, and let’s GO.)

Collection #2: Prospects & Inquiry Calls, Oh My!

Because it isn’t always easy to sell yourself – especially when the idea of saying your rate out loud gives you hives. Or you feel like you sound like a car salesman. Or you’re nervous you sound like a total newbie loser. Or you just aren’t really sure what to say! We’ll go over what to say in every common selling scenario, what to say when the prospect says NO (and how to get ’em back!), how not to sound like a desperate Darlene, what to do when you quote someone and then get radio silence…and much, much more. Selling yourself is hard enough. Why make it harder? Keep the Love, Business Owner Classic Collection handy on your desktop, and quick reference it over and over and over…anytime you need to sound like a pro (even when you don’t always feel like one).

Collection #3: Taming the Client Beast

Definitely the sweetheart collection of Love, Business Owner, this section was designed to help any business owner gracefully & professionally set appropriate boundaries around their time, their money, and the way they work. (Because we’ve all had that nightmare client, and nightmare clients can RUIN LIVES.) With over 40+ scripts & accompanying advice in this collection alone, we’ll talk about things like how to handle clients like Scope Creep Susan, who always seems to have just ONE more request, or Micromanaging Michael, who’s sending you another email every five minutes ‘checking in,’ or MIA Melissa, who never gets back to you in a reasonable time frame which then holds up the entire project, or Penniless Patty, who can’t ever seem to pay her invoices on time—and even what to say when YOU’RE the one who royally screwed up, whether you committed to a deadline you can’t actually meet, forgot to mention you would be taking that vacation mid-way through their project, or something else really embarrassing. (Way to go, jerk.) (Kidding…and we’ll help you say the right words so you don’t feel like a jerk, either.)

Collection #4: Working With Contractors & Employees

Because at some point, you might start bringing on other people to help your business grow. People who you’ll then have to suddenly manage. People who might fall off the face of the earth right in mid-project. People who won’t always live up to your expectations. People who will need to request extensions (perhaps making you look like an ass to your clients), let the quality of their work slip, or who have bad work habits. If you’re going to be managing people or projects of any kind, we’ve got the words to help you do it in a way everyone will feel good about – while still getting what you want. Because, hey, it isn’t always easy to be the bad guy. Fortunately, now you won’t have to be. Unless you’re at Kmart and the blue light special is over. Then it’s completely understandable.

Collection #5: Business Partners

Going into business with a partner? Running an online course together? Co-authoring a book? Business partner relationships can be a blessing; after all, you’ve got someone to share all the success with! But on the flip side, you’ve also got a whole new tangle of situations that can and will arise–and you’ve got to be prepared to handle them like a pro, before they get out of hand. Business partner relationships can be tricky to navigate. They’ve got this really great idea! (Except, you hate it.) They want to spend money on X! (Except you think X is foolish.) They want to take the project in a whole new direction! (Except you’re happy with the direction it’s currently going.) No matter what, circumstances arise where you’re going to have to learn how to tactfully – and artfully – give and get. Compromise and put your foot down. And say some things that nobody wants to hear. We’ve outlined a few dozen common scenarios that arise when working with a partner on a project, and give you the words to navigate each one of them as respectfully, but firmly, as possible.

Collection #6: Customer Service & Humans

Because there’s nothing worse than losing your cool on a customer. When you’re in business, you’ll be faced with a number of fun new challenges, like the client or customer who emails you the world’s meanest email, demanding their money back. Or the person who’s clearly trying to scam you, purchasing something you made and then immediately requesting a refund. Or, simply the person who isn’t quite hearing you when you tell them what your policy is. Hint: The answer is no. And you’re about to get very, very good at saying it. (Note: May come in handy with interpersonal relationships as well. NO, I WILL NOT GO ON A DATE WITH YOU. NO, I WILL NOT MAKE YOU DINNER. NO, I WILL NOT GET INTO YOUR DARK AND CREEPY VAN. You get the gist.)

Collection #7: Making Friends in Business

Need to ask for a referral…from a client that you worked with a year ago? Dying to ask someone to promote your stuff…without feeling like a desperate, needy schmuck? Need to reschedule that discussion (but don’t want to lose ’em?) We’ve got you covered! Because the way you work it is just as important as your work. Fact.

Collection #8: For Bloggers

If you’re in business to win it, chances are you’ve started writing a blog. And chances are, at some point people will actually start to read it! With this blessing comes some interesting new challenges, like having to handle the blog reader who never (ever) stops emailing you. Or the guy who writes you novel long emails telling you his life story. Or the person who just wants to pick your brain—for free. And, of course, the guy who shows up telling you that you’re clearly the world’s worst _________. The world of blogging can bring an army of unexpected folks into your life, and since you’re in business now, there’s a way to handle them…and a way not to. We’ll show you exactly what we say and do to help manage this part of our own businesses…because, after all, you can’t be dismissive, but there are only 24 hours in a day.

Collection #9: Awkward Moments

Client ask you to do something unethical? Need to follow up with a previous prospect you dropped the ball on MONTHS ago? Client keep bailing on your scheduled times to meet? Someone asking you for a testimonial…but you actually hated the product? We’ve put together the world’s classiest collection to help you stay, well, classy. (Even when you want to cringe and run.)

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300+ exclusive scripts
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All sales for digital downloadable products are final—because you’ll have that bad boy in your hands forever, and there’s no way to give it back. 🙂 That said, if you’re unhappy for any reason, do send us an email, and we’ll do our best to make you happy again! Promise.


Easy! Upon purchase you’ll be given an instant download link to download the Love, Business Owner 300+ exclusive script collection. Once downloaded to your computer, you can open up as a digital book, and navigate via the clickable table of contents to whatever business script you’re needing. Keep it on your desktop as a reference guide, or print your favorites and pin them to a bulletin board for a constant reminder of poise + power: Even when you’re feeling intimidated and shy. 🙂


Good news! There are two versions of every script: One traditional buttoned-up business version, and another more fun-filled, personality version, so you can mix and match for your own voice. Furthermore, each script indicates our in-line editing suggestions in pink text, prompting you to customize where appropriate. 🙂


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“I can’t believe how handy it is. I used to spend so much time crafting emails that weren’t particularly difficult, but for some reason always took me forever. But now, NOW I have a handy template for every situation. It completely eliminates the block of the blank page. It saves me time and makes me sound so much cooler than I am.”

- Alejandra Ortega

In Their Words

“This is so much more than words. This is support. This? Is an entire SOCIAL NETWORK for business owners! A place for us to go to get help, to scream and cry because our words are falling on deaf ears, a place for us to have virtual shots of bourbon.”


“I spent my first hours inside of Love, Business Owner devouring the archives and wishing I could go back in time with this knowledge and handle certain situations better. The time, money, and tears I could have saved! And if I ever need to vent or a little bit of extra love and support, I can find it all in the amazing community.”


“As a student of every single class and product you’ve made, I can say you’ve singlehandedly saved me from the 9-5.”


“I wanted to let you know that your words are definitely helping with my business’ bottom line! My number of new patients is noticeably increasing!”


“Though my situation was pretty specific, I still found the scripts to be extremely helpful in handling the crumbling of a partnership with a bit of grace. Now that I’ll be venturing off in a new direction, truly on my own, I know Love, Business Owner will have my back!”


“I’ve sent three reply emails to an editor and got no response. Sent one from the LBO collection and he replied! THIS IS HAPPENING!”


“I have never felt this good buying before! The purchase of the century! You are pretty much buying your future income!”


“In the 7 days since purchasing LBO, I have rocked out some scripts at least once a day. No more “Eeeek! What do I SAY?!” moments of paralysis; no more asking in every social group what to say, it’s all done, down and dusted. Thanks Ash, you saved my sanity.”


“I treat my time like gold dust, so anything that’s super quick I’m in on. I went for LBO as it came over as a time saver. I started using it immediately. Having LBO there has been amazing…It’s especially good for the bits I’m sh*t at–like hooking in potential clients in a nice way [and] given me an extra boost for the things I’m good at–like giving amazing customer service and making people feel heard/important.”


“Facebook is like an elbow-to-elbow “hip” nightclub, that seems cool in theory but actually causes heart palpitations once you get there. LBO is like a swanky lounge where only cool people hang out, and can actually hear each other talk.”


“Diving into your beautiful collection of scripts was wonderful. I know I’ll be diving in over the months/years to come whenever something tricky/sh*tty/unwieldy pops up. Also, just so you know, the interface is gorgeous and totally user-friendly–LOVE IT!”


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“Hands down, this is an awesome product! All the mental effort and anguish over how to craft the right email for each situation is completely ELIMINATED. I’ve already used a few, and saved a few hours of fumbling around trying to find the write words. Every single business owner in the world should have this resource, and use it on a weekly, if not daily basis. Communication is everything!”